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Jules Hawkins


Jules Hawkins

A transplant from the UK, this Cambridge-educated double-CA (UK and Ontario) is creating waves in Essex County and beyond. Jules has 15 years of big firm experience in the UK and Toronto, and 5 more years with a local firm in Windsor. With many other connections in our community (sessional instructor at Odette Business School at the University of Windsor; professional volunteer at Small Business Centre, and a local Rotarian), Jules has the perfect background to support Windsor–Essex business owners.

Although Jules has worked with businesses of all sizes – from new start-ups to multinational corporations – he particularly enjoys working with small fast-growing companies, owner-managed businesses and non-profit organizations. He stays on top of his professional game by teaching courses and acting as an accredited Practice Inspector for CPA Ontario.

Jules’ big talent: explaining situations in non-technical terms

Jules favourite tip: Always ask “Why? And so what?”

Favourite video: Start With Why – Simon Sinek TED talk

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Jules Hawkins is a Chartered Professional Accountant (Ontario) and a Chartered Accountant (UK). He started his career in the PwC office in Reading, UK – a town that is a similar size to Windsor, Ontario. He came to Toronto with PwC in 1998 to expand his horizons – for what was only supposed to be a two-year posting.

In Toronto, Jules worked with non-profit entities, and also with public companies listed on the TSX and Venture Exchange. These ranged from very small mining juniors to large multi-national corporations – which involved some interesting international trips. He focused on financial statement audit, internal control evaluations, and working with companies that were issuing prospectuses to raise finance. Jules also developed his passion for teaching, delivering many courses to senior partners and staff. These led to an opportunity to work within PwC’s Risk & Quality group, and to sit on a taskforce which was helping to develop new Canadian Auditing Standards. His technical expertise in this area has continued as a practice inspector for CPA Ontario, where he travels the province reviewing other accounting firms and monitoring their compliance with professional standards.

Jules and Allison moved to Windsor in 2007, where he started to develop his own practice as an associate at Howie & Partners LLP. Jules soon realized that – although Windsor was built on its automotive industry and the skills that supported it – the future was likely to be more diverse – and that small businesses and start-ups were going to be a key part of it. He also found that working with owner-managers was much more rewarding and allowed him to add much more value to a business.

Jules and Allison founded Hawkins & Co in late 2013. As a founder and co-owner of a growing company, Jules understands the issues that such businesses face. To help Windsor-Essex entrepreneurs, he hosts seminars and acts as a professional volunteer at the Small Business Centre, assisting start-ups and growing companies. He has completed CPA Canada’s “Income Tax Practitioner” Course, which focuses on the key tax needs of private companies and their owners. In his travels for CPA Ontario, he also gains exposure to best practices from other accounting firms across the province.

Believing that “you have to know it to teach it”, Jules is now a sessional instructor at the Odette Business School at the University of Windsor at the undergraduate and MBA level, and also teaches professional development courses for CPA Ontario. He is most fluent in accounting, auditing and non-profit entities / registered charities. In both roles, Jules consistently receives very high feedback.

Because of his knowledge of accounting standards and his experience with fast-growing companies that are looking to raise capital, in 2011 Jules was appointed as CFO of Essex Angel Capital Inc., a TSX-Venture Exchange listed investment company. He served in this role until July 2014.

Jules is a huge believer in giving back to the community. Since 2008, Jules has been a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918), and is President-Nominee for the Club’s 2018/2019 year.  For the last several years he has been the financial manager for Art in the Park and he authored successful grant applications that brought provincial and federal money to our community.

These roles mean that Jules sees business from many different angles. He believes that accounting is useful not for its own sake, but because it allows you to say, “I speak business”. His clients appreciate his ability to explain things in English and focus on what matters. He likes to ask “Why?” and “So what?” to make sure that ensure he fully understands what his clients need, now and in the future.

In his free time, Jules loves to putter in his garden like a true Englishman, or spend time reading cartoons from his impressive collection (ask him anything about Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert, Doonesbury, Garfield or The Far Side – try to catch him out). He also loves playing with his two sons, Duff and Christopher, and imparting his love of the English language to them through horrible puns!

Allison Hawkins


Allison Hawkins

Fifty percent super accountant, 50% design maven, Allison is the woman behind the Hawkins & Co brand, and the talent that make up this firm’s winning profile. With solid experience at PWC, Prudential Life and Pensions UK, Ernst and Young, (UK and Toronto) and Direct Energy, she has built business models to help clients obtain financing, as well as reviewed business processes across a wide range of companies.

Since her return to Windsor in 2007, she has focused on local start-ups and small businesses, helping them develop and finance their business plans, and set up their accounting and POS systems.

Describing Allison as an active part of the community would be an understatement. Amongst other roles, she is a Board member at Lakeview Montessori School (chairing the Fundraising Committee) as well a member of the supervisory board of Citco bank Canada.

Married to the President (Jules), Allison is also a proud mom of 2 boys – talented Lego builders and explorers.

Allison’s big talent:  Helping clients build processes and accounting systems they can understand.

Allison’s favourite tip:  have “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Favourite video:   Sir Ken Robinson Changing Education Paradigms

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Being self-employed for nine years, Allison knows first-hand the challenges faced by small business owners. Allison is a Chartered Professional Accountant who started her career with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Windsor and then Toronto before moving to the UK to build business models for Ernst and Young clients who were looking to obtain financing or make key investment decisions for their business. On her return to Canada Allison worked at Direct Energy in their Revenue Assurance group looking at business processes across the company to ensure all revenue was captured.

In 2004 Allison changed her focus to smaller enterprises, working at Duguay and Ringler Corporate Services (now Marrelli Support Services). She prepared quarterly filings for many small public companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. This helped Allison develop a love of small business as she worked closely with business owners to setup their accounting system and bookkeepers to ensure the day to day accounting and tax filings were up to date.
In 2007 Allison moved back to Windsor and started her own business helping local start-ups and small businesses with their setup including business plans, accounting systems, POS systems and obtaining bank financing. Her extensive knowledge of Quickbooks and desire to use the process and software that is right for her clients, means she is there for them every step of the way. Throughout this she remains an advocate for her clients and a positive voice for them in the community.

In addition to currently being a member of the board of Citco bank Canada, Allison has extensive volunteer experience. She has been a member of the Board at the Ontario Foundation for Visually Impaired Children in Toronto as well as the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation Board. She has also held a fundraiser at her home in support of the Neonatal Intensive Care Program at Windsor Regional Hospital. The last several years she has worked on the committees for several charitable events including the Julian Small Golf Tournament and the Under the big Top Children’s Gala in support of We Care for Kids.

Allison devotes her time out of office to being an advocate for her son Christopher, who had health challenges from birth. As she supported him though extensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy, Allison’s compassion and appreciation for learning differences and her belief that all children should have the opportunity to learn in the way that best suits them only grew stronger. She helped bring the Arrowsmith Program, an program for children with learning challenges to Lakeview Montessori School.

Allison’s creative passion is interior design. She believes that space has a huge impact on how we function. You only have to visit the office to understand how strongly she feels about good design. We spend so much of our lives at work and Allison believes that this space should be a pleasure to work in as well as a place her clients enjoy and feel comfortable in.

Susana Martins

Susana Martins

Susana is a licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Management Accountant candidate. She excels at understanding client’s needs, building client relationships, and delivering solutions to improve business operations.

Susana began her career at a multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturer in Toronto, where she worked a systems engineer, supporting rural telephony networks. Susana’s interest in customer-facing roles lead her to roles in marketing and sales. As an account development manager she led the negotiations for multi-year supply agreements with multiple regional clients, which led into sales responsibility for a national client. Susana’s accomplishments were recognized by performance awards, and inclusion in the corporate leadership development program.

In 2001 Susana became Ontario sales manager for a wireless enterprise communications provider. She was responsible for sales to over 40 distribution channels. Susana’s role also included delivering technical training to distributors, and developing and presenting strategic business solutions to clients including school boards, small businesses, and large corporations.

With a move from Toronto to Windsor in 2003, Susana’s career progressed into program management, where she drew from her extensive technical and client service experience. Susana has worked as a program manager at both the supplier and OEM level in the automotive industry, including multiple roles at an OEM supporting vehicle launches in Windsor and Detroit. These roles involved working closely with multiple engineering teams, suppliers and clients to resolve technical and commercial issues.

Susana is currently enrolled in the Strategic Leadership Program with the Certified Management Accountants of Ontario. Her passion is building strong client relationships, demystifying the accounting process for each client, and delivering accounting services that consider the client’s “big picture” strategic business goals.

In her spare time Susana can be found running agility and dock diving with her dog, as well as working on her photography skills.

Paul Rivest

Paul Rivest

Paul graduated from St. Clair College in 2011 with a Business Administration – Accounting Diploma. In September 2011, he continued his education at the Odette School of Business. Paul graduated in June of 2014 with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Honours Business Administration with a Minor in Economics). He is looking to continue his development by enrolling in the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) program.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys playing golf in the summer and hockey in the winter.

Margaret Deneau

Margaret website 3

Margaret has been at Hawkins & Co. since Spring of 2015. She is currently enrolled in the Post Graduate Certificate in Accounting program at The University of Windsor. She is working towards becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Prior to joining the team at Hawkins & Co, Margaret was a client of Allison and Jules. She owned a local small business and was the recipient of a Business Excellence Award form the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce in 2013.

Margaret is also a professionally trained classical pianist and has worked extensively as an accompanist with many local organizations and artists. She is married and has two adorable children.

Jaclyn Webb

Jaclyn found her way into accounting through the Odette School of Business, Post Graduate Certificate in Accounting program, which she completed in 2016. Previously she had graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Guelph in 2013.

After completion of her PGCA, Jaclyn is all set to enroll in the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) program to obtain her professional designation, and looks forward to adding to her practical knowledge with Hawkins & Co. She and her husband Paul are looking forward to their next big adventure in Vancouver BC as he completes his residency training – and she opens the first “satellite” office.

Outside the office, Jaclyn can be found in the kitchen improving her culinary skills, planning her next trip or reading on the couch with her faithful greyhound, Miles.