For The Individual Taxpayer

We take the “worry” out of your taxes.

  • Monday, 6pm – Windsor, Ontario
    Today’s mail brought a letter from Revenue Canada telling you that they have found a T-slip you did not report in your income last year. You can’t fully understand the letter. But it looks ominous.

  • Wednesday, 7pm – LaSalle, Ontario
    At your kid’s soccer game, somebody asks if they will get a receipt for their tax return. You knew about this credit. Good for you.

  • Friday, 11am – Tecumseh, Ontario
    You’ve just handed in your notice, so you can fulfill your dream of …[fill in the blank.]. Congratulations. You also just filed your taxes for last year. It strikes you that TurboTax may not do it for you next time. In fact, where do you start?

It’s what we do as good Canadians. We get a lot back, so we should pay our fair share…. but not necessarily more. And those letters from Revenue Canada don’t seem user-friendly. [They’re not. But we’ve read them more often than you want to.]


It can seem even more challenging if your life has changed – marital, employment, care-giving or parental status.

We take the “worry” out of your taxes. At the same time, we will make sure you are claiming what you are entitled to claim – and understand the options available to you.

We can handle more complicated situations (eg. dual nationality) – or can point you to somebody who will give you good service.