For The Non Profit Or Registered Charity

Focus on the cause you wanted to get involved in.

  • Monday, 11am – London, Ontario
    A major donor offers to sponsor a fundraiser you’re planning and has requested a donation receipt. You have no idea if you’re allowed to do this.

  • Friday, 4pm – Windsor, Ontario
    Your major grant provider calls to request your latest financial report on the 3 programs they have funded. This causes you such anxiety because gathering all the data you need comes from 5 different places. You wish there was an easier way.

  • Thursday, 6pm – LaSalle, Ontario
    At the Board meeting, somebody asks if we have a policy on doing business with our members. They think we should probably have one.

Working in the nonprofit sector, as a volunteer or staff member, requires you to wear many hats and this can make things very complicated. Not only are you competing with other good causes for donors’ dollars, but the fact that much of your funding is “other people’s money” (donations, government funding, member fees) means that there are more rules than you might expect.

Normally you would only see your accountant during the (somewhat dreaded) audit – yes, we can do that. But there are many other areas we can help with – using technology to improve your services for your cause and improving efficiency, tracking funds for your grants or designated funds, Public Service Body rebates and more. We also advise Boards of Directors on governance, funding and reporting issues.

We set up systems that allow you to focus on the cause you passionately care about.