For The Not For Profit Or Registered Charity

Focus on the cause you wanted to get involved in.

  • Monday, 11am – Leamington, Ontario
    A major donor offers to buy a table at the fundraiser you are planning, but wants to know if you can offer a donation receipt. You have no idea.

  • Wednesday, 4pm – Barrie, Ontario
    Your major government funder calls to discuss some things they don’t understand in your latest financial report. You double-checked them, but still feel a little paranoia creep in.

  • Thursday, 6pm – LaSalle, Ontario
    At the Board meeting, somebody asks if we have a policy on doing business with our members. They think we should probably have one.

It may not seem like it, but serving a non-profit or charity – as staff or as a volunteer – can be complicated. Not only are you competing with other good causes for donors’ dollars, but the fact that much of your funding is “other people’s money”  (donations, government funding, member fees) means that there are lots more rules than you might expect. All on a shoestring budget and with part-time volunteers, too.


The most frequent reason a non-profit or charity uses an external accountant is because funders or the bylaws demand an audit. We do that.

But there are many other areas where you need comfort that you are doing the right thing – issuing donation receipts, charging HST on events, meeting reporting requirements. We do that too.

Where appropriate, we can offer any of the “running the business” support we offer to owner-managed businesses, this can include technology to improve efficiency. For those entities that have to maintain separate funds, we can help you make sure you are tracking and reporting them separately, so you don’t get into trouble.

And we also advise Boards of Directors on governance, funding and reporting issues. So you can focus on the cause you wanted to get involved in.