For The Owner-Managed Business

We help you keep on top of it all.

  • Saturday, 11am – Windsor, Ontario
    You are fretting about cash flow. Sales are up. So is your line of credit.

  • Thursday, 3pm – Waterloo, Ontario
    Your bank manager calls to tell you that they will finance your new expansion – subject to a personal guarantee, monthly reporting and an annual “review engagement” (whatever that is). You take a deep breath.

  • Friday, 11am – Amherstburg, Ontario
    You crack the champagne – you have hired your first apprentice. Partly because you believe the government will help pay her for the first couple of years. You make a mental note to read up on that programme.

Well, you are keeping busy. You are confident in your decisions and where your business is headed, but as the boss, it all ends up on your desk. So far you have kept it going and growing – but you have a nagging feeling you are leaving money on the table, and could really use a hard look at the changing picture. As for your accounting info…. well, it isn’t quite “garbage in, garbage out”, but….

This is where we can help you. We can:

  • help you put a system in place so that you are making decisions with good data (book-keeping if you want, or monthly / quarterly “financial controller” visits if you prefer);

  • help you keep the routine compliance in order (payroll, WSIB, HST, etc.);

  • help you set targets, analyse your results and understand where you might be able to improve them;

  • help you be accountable to your lenders or investors (we like to do audits or review engagements).

Also…. yes, we are accountants. When you add them all up… taxes are probably costing you more than rent or possibly payroll. We will help you structure your affairs so that you can take full (legal) advantage of what you are entitled to.

And we will also help you think about the long-term. What happens if you get an offer you can’t refuse in ten years? Tomorrow? What if your apprentice wants to buy into the business (when she’s ready)? And what if – heaven forbid – you get knocked over by a bus tomorrow? We help you think about these scenarios and set things up right.