Personal Taxes

This won’t hurt a bit. We promise.

What to do

We all have to file tax returns. So we make it as simple as we can.
Here is what to do:

Start with the worksheet called “For Everyone“. This reduces the number of times we have to bother you, and makes sure we don’t miss any deductions or credits.  Use the other worksheets if you have rental income, or if you are self-employed/own an unincorporated business (including Microfit)
Send or bring us the worksheet and your paperwork (slips, receipts, etc.). We will review it with you, to make sure we understand it and have everything we need. Personal visit, e-mail or fax are all fine. So is snail-mail – but please call us if we have not confirmed receipt within a week of mailing.
Sign off on the return when we report back to you – this authorizes us to file it.  Pay any taxes due.  Collect any hardcopy materials provided to us.
(Only if needed…) Call us if you get any strange letters from CRA. We will handle follow-up inquiries (eg. support for deductions or credits claimed) at no extra charge.



What it will cost

Let`s face it – many of us are uncertain what we will owe or get back. We promise not to add to that worry.
So Hawkins & Co. promises fair and transparent pricing. Our fixed fee schedule is attached. Prices in this document are valid until June 30 of the current calendar year.



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