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It’s about you. Let’s get to know you.

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Don't forget - General Motors and Apple were start-ups once, too.

  • 10:07pm Sunday, Walkerville, Ontario
    Kids are in bed. Glass of wine in hand, you are polishing your business plan - and love it. But you are still not sure about the financial piece.
  • 4.55am Thursday, Toronto, Ontario
    You wake fretting over an article that discussed the high failure rate of new businesses. And you only signed the lease yesterday....
  • 5.30pm Saturday, Tecumseh, Ontario
    Your friend agrees to put in most of the money as a sleeping partner, and you will do the work. You both think 40% of the business sounds fair.
  • 11.30pm, Friday, Lasalle, Ontario
    You've worked for months to get to opening day. Now, a week in, you have a huge box of paperwork and no idea what to do with it.
Congratulations. This may be one of the most exciting times of your life. You have never been busier. The adrenaline compensates for the lack of sleep.

There are some key things that reduce the risk that you will ever become one of those gloomy statistics. Amongst those - understanding your cash flows, how much you will need, and when you can repay it. This will be important to your investing friend. And - by the way, that 40% of the profits - was that before or after you took out a living wage?

As if you didn't have enough else to do, let's add a few more things to your list. Fortunately we would like to help with them. Or, if you want to do it yourself (let's face it, money is tight), we can help you set it up:

  • creating a system for your record-keeping, and helping you keep it straight.
  • ensuring your systems make more efficient use of your scarce time.
  • choosing the right business structure (proprietorship, partnership or corporation)
  • deciding on the right way to involve others.
  • keeping on top of all your obligations to the government (such as payroll or HST)
  • the necessary evil of tax returns
If you borrow money from a bank, they may ask you for "review engagement financial statements". We can explain what those are - and provide the necessary report.

We also know some good local resources available to you.

Two pieces of advice:

1. Your emotions will fluctuate with your bank balance. Get used to it.

2. Don't forget - General Motors and Apple were start-ups once, too.

We help you keep on top of it all.

  • Saturday, 11am - Windsor, Ontario
    You are fretting about cash flow. Sales are up. So is your line of credit.
  • Thursday, 3pm - Waterloo, Ontario Once again, you’re not sure your financials make sense – surely that gross margin number can’t be right? What exactly is it telling you? And why is everything to do with your numbers so PAINFUL?
  • Friday, 11am - Amherstburg, Ontario You crack the champagne - you have hired your first apprentice. Partly because you believe the government will help pay her for the first couple of years. You make a mental note to read up on that programme.
Well, you are keeping busy. You are confident in your decisions and where your business is headed, but as the boss, it all ends up on your desk. So far you have kept it going and growing - but you have a nagging feeling you are leaving money on the table, and could really use a hard look at the changing picture. As for your accounting info.... well, it isn't quite "garbage in, garbage out", but…you’re never quite sure you can rely on it. You really need better data – and better understanding of it – to take your business to the next level. And there has to be a better way of keeping it under control.

This is where we can help you. We love doing this stuff. We will:

  • create a system that tames the paper monster and gives you real data to work with. We’re big users of cloud technology and automation, so you can work as efficiently as humanly possible;
  • help you keep the routine compliance in order (payroll, WSIB, HST, etc.);
  • help you set targets, analyse your results and understand where you might be able to improve them;
  • help you run it and keep it under control - or take it all off your plate, if that’s what you need.
Here’s the truth: We know that many business owners dislike – or live in fear of - everything to do with their books and finances. We fix this. Also.... yes, we are accountants. When you add them all up... taxes are probably costing you more than rent or possibly payroll. We will help you structure your affairs so that you can take full (legal) advantage of what you are entitled to. That’s a given. Oh, and if your bank needs a review engagement or an audit, we can do that too (and explain what it means).

We also help you think about the long-term. What happens if you get an offer you can't refuse in ten years? Tomorrow? What if your apprentice wants to buy into the business (when she's ready)? And what if - heaven forbid - you get knocked over by a bus tomorrow? We help you think about these scenarios and set things up right.

Your business is unique – call us or CLICK HERE so we can meet and start to improve your world. We never charge for getting to know you.

Focus on the cause you wanted to get involved in.

  • Monday, 11am - London, Ontario
    A major donor offers to sponsor a fundraiser you’re planning and has requested a donation receipt. You have no idea if you’re allowed to do this.
  • Friday, 4pm - Windsor, Ontario Your major grant provider calls to request your latest financial report on the 3 programs they have funded. This causes you such anxiety because gathering all the data you need comes from 5 different places. You wish there was an easier way.
  • Thursday, 6pm - LaSalle, Ontario At the Board meeting, somebody asks if we have a policy on doing business with our members. They think we should probably have one.
Working in the nonprofit sector, as a volunteer or staff member, requires you to wear many hats and this can make things very complicated. Not only are you competing with other good causes for donors’ dollars, but the fact that much of your funding is “other people’s money” (donations, government funding, member fees) means that there are more rules than you might expect.

Normally you would only see your accountant during the (somewhat dreaded) audit - yes, we can do that. But there are many other areas we can help with - using technology to improve your services for your cause and improving efficiency, tracking funds for your grants or designated funds, Public Service Body rebates and more. We also advise Boards of Directors on governance, funding and reporting issues.

We set up systems that allow you to focus on the cause you passionately care about.